Modern update of MLK’s quote: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will be judged by the color of their skin, but not by the content of their character. I have a dream that they will one day become well paid DEI commissars and marry the white men who they claim oppress them. I have a dream that the Karens of Boston, Maskachussetts will remove a Lincoln statue and then erect a statue in my honor that looks like a turd. I have a dream today!” https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-give-a-speech

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Wow, what a parody lol. It's strange we live in a time where modern Civil Rights no longer represents MLK.

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I couldn't explain it any better. Thank you for the educational information. Equity is just a wish that doesn't align with human nature and can't be practiced without prejudice.

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"Imagine if we applied equity to physical activities and held back gifted athletes - every sport would be boring and it would be even more difficult to find extraordinary individuals whose feats inspire us to be better." This sentence gave me an "ah-ha!" about the justification for allowing males who identify as females to compete against women in sports, and also perfectly describes the real life consequences. Because "trans women" (men who identify as women) have been deemed to be the most discriminated against, allowing them to compete against women is seen by social justice warriors as a move towards "equity." Because they are trans-identified, they are seen as more oppressed and the females deserving of discrimination in the equity cause. I truly have not been able to understand the logic, but the equity frame makes sense of it. The result of allowing men like Lia Thomas to compete against the best female swimmers is to make the sport boring, because in effect the most gifted female athletes are held back. It's a textbook example of the equity value being forced into sports, not a hypothetical. A mediocre male athlete takes awards from the best female athletes because biological males are on average much stronger and faster than females. As a result, young women are discouraged from competing, and viewers are robbed of the inspiration the best female athletes can model.

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Thanks for the great read. Interestingly, however, "When ‘Black’ & ‘Hispanic’ Students Outscore ‘Asian’ & ‘White’ Students on the ACT, Nobody Notices." ...it just does not fit in with the popular agenda...


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If not everyone gets to bat, that's discrimination which may be good, bad or neutral depending on why the individual in question is disqualified. Someone with a history of using said bat to wail on the person next to them f.e. would probably be deemed good to discriminate against.

If one demands that everyone who does bat also achieve the same result and/or must be forced to do so, then one is directly discriminating against everyone but the worst participant, and indirectly against the worst since they are given no incentive or inspiration or instruction to improve.

A race to the bottom follows.

Of course, none of the problems of today existed before the 1960s, in any western/european-descendent nation.

Any guesses as to why that was so?

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